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LiveRetail consistently beats client & industry benchmarks

Consistently beats client & industry benchmarks 98.7% of the time

LiveRetail has a proven track record of increasing location traffic, increasing sales and even employment applications. We consistently beat both the client and the industry benchmarks by a minimum factor of 3X. Our easy-to-use tool pre-builds everything for you so there is no marketing experience needed.

When local marketing is essential, LiveRetail simply delivers.

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Crush your goals with LiveRetail localized advertising

Are you missing out on driving new incremental sales to your store(s)? Don't underestimate your competition who is probably already building a local social media presence. Get ahead immediately by using LiveRetail to create customized hyper-targeted localized posts an ads for your locations. Localized advertising translates to more awareness, higher engagement, increased sales, and more repeat business. Join the localized/shop local movement. The “Shop Local” movement provides a huge advantage for brick -and-mortar retailers and the brands they sell.

Whether you own a single franchise location, or are the CMO of a national brand, LiveRetail will help you meet and exceed your goals at the local level, where it matters most!

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Crush your marketing goals with LiveRetail

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