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Meet LiveRetail the platform driving engagement, sales with lower CPMs for Brands all around the globe.
The infusion of power and simplicity

The CreativeMatrix

Limitless power and flexibility in a three step process:
     1. On board your Brand
     2. Import Locations
     3. Import Products or Services

The CreativeMatrix then generates an Ad for each intersection!

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Infinite Possibilities
There are no limits to the scalability of the CreativeMatrix.
All Pre-built and ready to run
Unlike other platforms all ads are prebuilt customizes to the location and the offers.
Construct 10,000 ads as easily as 10
LiveRetail does the heavy lifting. So whether you are creating 1 ad or 10,000 ads it takes the same effort.

Pre-built Ads

Unlike other social media marketing platform, LiveRetail pre builds ready to use localized content specific to the user and their brand. Users also have the option to make edits if necessary and run on the platform and budget of their choosing, with a free to post option.
Brand Rules / Compliance

LiveRetail protects the brand by ensuring all ads are on brand.

Cretive Flexibility

LiveRetail supports give creative flexibility by allowing the local market to further customize their ads while insuring they remain on brand.

Localized Content

All LiveRetail Ads are prebuilt with localized content so the ad is specific to the local location.

Hyper-targeted Audience

All LiveRetail ads have pre-defined audience and location targeting parameters to help increase relevance and interaction rates.


LiveRetail allows marketers to hyper-target customers with extremely relevant content at the right time and place. LiveRetail's proprietary business intelligence tools automatically target individuals that meet the profile of the products you are advertising and the local location of the store.  All ads have pre-defined audience and location targeting parameters which can be used "as is" or edited by the user.
Hyper-targeting will boost all key marketing metrices...naturally

LiveRetail delivers personalized relevant messages to your target group and eliminates the so called "social spam"


Hyper-targeting connects the right message to the right person which drives both brand awareness and engagement ultimately leading to more sales.


The math is simple, since you are serving up more relevant ads you will be able to reach more of your target audience without increasing your ad spend.

Ad spend

Hyper-targeting will make your campaign more competitive in the social media "low-bid" strategy model resulting in lower CPM and CPC rates.

Crush your goals with LiveRetail

Localized Content

Are you missing out on driving new incremental sales to your local stores?

Don't underestimate your competition who's probably already building a social media presence. Get ahead immediately by using LiveRetail to create customized hyper-targeted localized ads for each of your locations.

Localized advertising translates to more awareness, higher engagement, increased sales, and more repeat business. Join the localized/shop local movement.  The "Shop Local" movement provides a huge advantage for brick -and-mortar retailers and the brands they sell.


Set-It-And-Forget-It Social Media, posting relative content consistently should be a big part of all social media strategies. With LiveRetail Autoposter we will keep your social media followers engaged weekly with industry content, promotional content, and holiday greetings.
The autoposter can be configured to trigger on any cadence needed by the client. From daily posts, several posts a week, weekly, etc.  Each post is prebuilt by LiveRetail. If you would like to review each post before it being made LiveRetail can send each retailer a reminder email of the posts giving them an opportunity to review and made any edits they deem necessary before the posting day.

Connected Data

LiveRetail makes managing data simple.  Many companies have extensive data set with information about locations, products, digital assets, pricing, and marketing promotions.  LiveRetail leverages connected data to streamline the process of building localized digital marketing content.  Having your data connected to LiveRetail allows you to prebuild assets based on the data sets and information provided for 1,000's of locations/retailers.
One data source

With Connected Data, all your data is managed by a single point of truth.

Instant Updates

Need to update a logo or a brand color? One easy change updates all your ads and campaigns instantaneously.

LiveRetail can help you fill in the gaps

Content Crawler

Missing content on your locations?  LiveRetail's content crawler can help fill in the blanks including actual location images which can be used in local posts and advertisements.  We crawl and extract the data you need. Our content crawler leverages reputable data sources such as Google, Google Images, Bing Business to name a few.  If the content is available on the internet our crawlers will find it, organize it and updated you LiveRetail records automatically.

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