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Our Leadership Team has decades of experience developing local and channel marketing strategies which have been leveraged by some of the world’s leading brands.  Here is the team behind the solution that will help you create and scale a marketing technology strategy that maximizes your local marketing investments.
Chris Cupero

Chris has been with LiveTechnology Holdings and directly involved in the group for 6 years. Prior he was with Bank of America for 28 years where he was the SVP of Enterprise Marketing Technology Strategy. When he moved across to the LiveTechnology Group he brought with him a unique mix of business, marketing and technology understanding of how Brands interact with large networks of locations and ultimately with their customers. Chris oversaw the implementation of LiveRetail that through Brand compliance rules, automates the creation, customization and distribution of Branded elements at massive scale.

Vincent Fratto
Chief Creative Officer

Vinny has been with LiveTechnology Holdings and directly involved in the group for 14 years. He was instrumental in defining processes for the "Smart-Setup" of brands: utilizing the experience he has gained over the last 14 years working directly with brands including Northwestern Mutual, Century 21, Nissan, Honda, etc.) to build over 30 million unique marketing and advertising pieces that are 100% brand and legally compliant. He manages his team of talent and technology (AWS AI servers trained to fetch brand and location content).

Nart Asaad
Chief Technology Officer

Nart has been with LiveTechnology Holdings and directly involved in the group for 7 years. He was instrumental in managing the rendering of 1.3 billion emails per month for EBay's ultimate acquisition of LiveMailer. He has built the distributed server infrastructure, housed in Amazon's Web Services that allows LiveRetail to do the work of 400 studio employees (and their computers) in less than 4 minutes!

Robert White
Lead Server Engineer

Bobby has been with LiveTechnology Holdings and directly involved in the group for 14 years. During this time he was directly involved in the back end systems that Microsoft is now using for Bing Places, Ebay's email engine He is responsible for the "Big Data" engine at the back end of LiveRetail, that is optimized to fetch, synchronize and update vast amounts of data as the render servers build millions of LiveAssets.

Emil Iliev
R&D Lead Software Engineer

Emil has been with LiveTechnology Holdings and directly involved in the group for 22 years. He was instrumental in developing the rendering server clusters that do the work of thousands of video, image and artwork studio personnel in minutes. Servers that accomplish everything Adobe desktop tools do, but without the cost and error rate of humans.

Mayur Dubey
Lead User Interface Engineer

Mayur has been with the LiveTechnology group for 6 years and during that time has built the user interface of SaaS platforms for Honda America, Century 21, Northwestern Mutual and many more. iPhone and Android apps have been released for enterprises based on a common platform and the CreativeMatrix interface of LiveRetail - is a testament to his UI engineering skills.

Cary Rosner
Secretary and General Council

Cary joined the LiveTechnology group in 2007 and has been instrumental in helping map out the strategic direction of the group as well as negotiating and managing the sale of business units, investment in third parties and license structure for Enterprises and global Brands.

Gina Blomkamp
Director of Finance & HR

Gina joined the LiveTechnology group in 1999 and is the Director of Finance and HR. She manages the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as has been strategically involved with due-diligence preparation and financial reporting and auditing.

Wayne Reuvers
Chief Strategy Officer

Wayne is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of LiveTechnology Holdings, He has successfully exited 6 subsidiaries, having created over $110 million in wealth for the investors.

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