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LiveRetail enables multi-location brands to create digital assets at scale that are on-brand and personalized for each location.

Get more out of your local marketing.

Elevate your digital presence for consumers - everywhere they are. LiveRetail allows you to deploy localized content that resonates both with your locations and their target audiences. Whether you have 10 or 1000s of locations the entire process can be managed directly in LiveRetail in a matter of clicks, not weeks or months.

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The CreativeMatrix

The CreativeMatrix* is a simple yet revolutionary concept that marries your locations to your products to generate creative at an infinite scale. Each combination of the two produce a unique ad in the Matrix. That unique ad is personalized for the Location, and customized for the Product.
 *the CreativeMatrix is an admin only facing tool.

Send emails to each Location

Outbound marketing emails for each location can be generated and sent out directly from LiveRetail.  Included in each email are examples of that Location's unique creative. So each Location gets not only personalized creative, but personalized messaging!

Location or Campaign checkout

Locations can access their custom checkout page directly from their marketing email. This will allow them to post organic content directly to their pages, order paid advertising at the budget that's right for them, or download content as needed.  LiveRetail is integrated with most social media platforms so posts and ads can be directly trafficked with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

Delivery Channel Agnostic

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Digital Display or YouTube, LiveRetail is integrated. Every social media platforms has different requirements, sizes, output formats, etc. that can get confusing for your everyday user. LiveRetail cuts all that out. All you do is select the platform you want to post or advertise on, set a budget if applicable and LiveRetail handles the rest.

It literally can't be easier.
Single Image

Single image ads are the most widely supported format and can be parried with links straight to specific pages on your site.

Carousel (with or without video)

Carousel ads are awesome for telling a deeper story about your brand/products. You can show more in this ad format than arguably any other and take your audience on an interactive ride.

Digital Display

Digital Display ads are available in many different sizes which are needed to support the ad exchanges.


Video ads are super popular on social media.  They are visually captivating and work well at grabbing and holding audience attention.

Delivery Channels Supported

LiveRetail natively supports all major delivery channels from Connected TV to Print and everything in between.
Social Media Posts

Tap into all your social media followers with frequent relevant posts being made to your social media accounts. You can also take advantage of our set-it-and-forget-it social media strategy.

Social Media Ads

The importance of social media marketing has never been greater. Considering the world is going digital, it makes sense that social media has become the go-to place for both brands and businesses. Social media and its related tools offer a variety of organic posts and advertising options when communicating with your target audience or customers. The possibilities and advantages are endless.

Digital Display

Where people go is the truest indicator of a purchaser’s intent. And with Digital Display / Programmatic advertising you can geo-fence locations and actions which translate to always being in the right place at the right time.  Highly relevant digital ads generated and served based on where individuals are or where they have been. A single digital ad is pre-built dynamically in multiple sizes for each digital display location and offer.

Connected TV

With the growing number of cord-cutting households on the rise fewer and fewer households are using cable subscriptions or satellite TV subscriptions. A few statistics to consider:
• 51% of US consumers will have cut the cord by the end of 2022
• Nearly all Americans aged 25-35 already access TV content through the internet (streaming TV).
• As of February 2022, Netflix has 74.58 million paid subscribers in the US and over 221M globally.
Now is an important time to make sure you include this large growing population of subscribers in your digital marking strategy. Most of your competitors are most likely not able to take advantage of OTT advertising.  And with LiveRetail capabilities to create localized OTT/Streaming Ads at scale this should be a major differentiator for  your business in the local markets.
And with OTTs unique way of targeting location-based users based on geo fencing and user’s demographics and interests, it takes targeting to an entirely new level which will maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent.

Video & YouTube

Online videos and YouTube videos are yet another opportunity to provided product information to your consumers in the for of organic video posts as well as paid advertising to the more than 100 million monthly individuals that watch YouTube content.  YouTube and YouTube TV make up over 41% of ad-supported video streaming watch time.

Print & Collateral

While LiveRetail’s newest features are all focused on digital media. We can’t forget where we came from and that is a world that use to be centered around “print”.  LiveRetail supports all forms of print media which can be pre-built and localized just like a digital ad.

Locations in Control

Unlike most solutions, LiveRetail allows your locations to make edits and updates to  their pre-built assets. This gives them the flexibility they need to maximize local market effectiveness that is right for them while maintaining Brand compliance.

Campaign Execution Types

We know that not all campaigns are created equal. Sometimes you need to execute at a Brand level, or just supply a number of localized assets to each location. LiveRetail natively supports all of the above.

If your Brand needs to communicate broadly, you can execute a Central Campaign. If you need to provide your locations with a library of unique collateral, logos, or special advertisements, you can simply generate and push an email with a Personalized Asset Library to each Location.
Central Execution

LiveRetail delivers personalized relevant messages to your target group and eliminates the so called "social spam"

Localize Execution - Checkout

Hyper-targeting connects the right message to the right person which drives both brand awareness and engagement ultimately leading to more sales.

Localize Execution - Library

LiveRetail can deliver prebuilt content directly to each location leveraging Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or our own LiveDrive making it very simple for users to access their localized content.

Budget Friendly

No set budgets

When it comes to the budget, LiveRetail offers the most flexibility. Everyone's goals and markets are different which is why we empower the locations to set their budget.  Whether you want to spend $50 a month or $5,000, LiveRetail puts you in control.

Each location can set their own budget and duration for each ad set, or if no budget, simply post to their pages at no cost.
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