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700 Brands with over 30 Million Ready-to-Run Posts and Ads
LiveRetail is the largest online resource with over 700 Brands and 30million+ Ads and Posts. Like Canva, but for Brands, Franchisees, Retail Groups and Stores that sell Branded products at multiple locations. $156 Billion in traditional media spend is currently being chased by Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.
Automating the Production and Customization of Localized Branded Ads

For Franchisees, Retail Groups and Stores selling Branded Products, the process of creating and running on-brand localized ads is costly, time consuming and complex. LiveRetail automates the production and media buying of millions of Branded Ads for Franchisees, Retailers and Brands. LiveRetail localized ads can be posted to social media at no cost, downloaded for free or run as a hyper-targeted Ads (in as few a two clicks) for their choice of budget from $10 to $10,000.

$156 Billion in Retail Advertising

5 million U.S. businesses operate under a licensed Brand or sell Branded Products. They spend and control over $156 billion on traditional media. Brand compliance is complex and costly and reputational risk is very high. Thus Retail + MDF have not fully transitioned too digital and social.

Traditional approach: Setup a portal or “ad builder” and expect these businesses to stop what they are doing to “build ads”.  They won’t!

Rather, LiveRetail sends them a set of PRE-BUILT, Ready-to-Run Branded Assets and takes a 10% commission on the media spend for a guaranteed lift of 80%.

700 Brands with over 30 Million Ready-To-Run Posts and Ads

Whereas traditional “Collateral Portals” or “DAMs” take months or years to setup and configure, LiveRetail AI Crawler sets up a brand in under 4 hours.

It establishes the Brand Guidelines and collects content –

  • Fetches fonts, colors, and key assets from the Brand website
  • Scans websites styles (CSS) for color sets(complimentary and opposing colors) and rules
  • Crawls site for all Locations (e.g., Stores, Branches, Offices, Retailers, Restaurants, Outlets, etc.)
  • Enriches with storefront images, custom logos and more
  • Identifies top products for sale, collects artwork, details, and information

Builds and distributes thousands of Ready-to-Run Ads to the branded locations

  • Largest LIVE resource of Brands, Products and Ads for brands, stores, and franchisees
  • Over 700 Brands with over 30 million ready-to-run Ads and Posts
  • Onboarding a brand, products, and all stores in 4 under 4 hours
  • Successful programs with Unilever, Absolut and more…
  • Team has built and sold 4 businesses creating $115 million for investors
  • We continually innovate to keep our untouchable lead
$2.5 Million
at a $20 Million Valuation

Use of Funds: Continue to build the Untouchable Lead

Milestones by June 30, 2023

  • 1,000 Brands
  • 30,000 Products
  • 200,000 Businesses
  • 100 Million Ads, Posts and Creative Assets
Track Record of creating Wealth
Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more

As the largest online resource of Branded Ads and Posts, this is of significant interest to –

Facebook – most of the 5million businesses have a Facebook page, they don’t have Brand approved ready-t-run creative

Google – every one of the5 million businesses are on Google Maps. Google can provide them free posts to Google Maps to get them onto the Google Marketing Platform with ready-to-run ads.

Microsoft – like Google, they have Bing Place and access to every branded business.

Retail advertising simplified with
LiveRetail + Google

Retail advertising simplified with
LiveRetail + Microsoft

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