Ancient Nutrition

Social Media Campaign to Support Target Weekly Circular

LiveRetail Results

The campaign duration was only 7 days which matched the special offer in the weekly Target circular.  The campaign generated over 708K impressions and reaching over 296K individuals. The CTR was 1.63% and the CPC was $0.88 which was 106% better than the Facebook industry benchmarks.

The Challenge

Ancient Nutrition wanted to support a weekly Target promotion with social media advertising for 50 specific Target store locations.  They wanted a localized carousel ad which spotlighted the Target store and their promotional offer. This was going to require 200 unique pieces of creative which could not be done in time to meet the Target deadline.

LiveRetail Solution

By leveraging LiveRetail and their CreativeMatrix technology it was easy to configure the Target campaign for Ancient Nutrition in under two hours.  Since Ancient Nutrition did not have access to all the Target store location images, they also leveraged the LiveRetail web crawler to procure the images from the web that could be used for each of the 50 Target locations. Each carousel ad was localized from the post copy to the actual Target location information where they could purchase their product at the "buy one get one 25% off" promotional offer.

Ancient Nutrition

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