Cicis Pizza

CICIs Boosts Local Social Strategy for Franchise Owners

LiveRetail Results

An example of one campaign for 13 locations resulted in over 2,233,676 impressions of a 60-day period. The CPM was $4.59 compared to Cicis nonlocalized ads which was $6.41. The CTR was 0.58% compared to Cicis nonlocalized ads which was 0.21%. And their CPC was $1.11 compared to  $2.21 compared to nonlocalized ads.  Overall localized ads outperformed nonlocalized ads by approximately 2X.

The Challenge

Cicis Pizza has struggled to implement a local social marketing strategy.  With over 300 locations in the United States, it's critical to find a solution which is scalable and not only meets the needs of the brand but also the local franchise owners. Cicis does not have enough internal resources or budget dollars to support localize marketing through their agency. Cicis knew they needed a robust marketing technology solution to build and manage social pages and ads in support of their franchise owners.

LiveRetail Solution

Through the LiveRetail platform, Cicis was able to create custom pre-built social media organic posts and paid ads spotlighting  multiple product specials which varied by location type (full-service location or delivery only). Each ad was pre-built with a photo of the location, location address and phone number plus it included localized pricing based on data provided by corporate. Cicis corporate controlled the look and feel of the ads but did allow the locations to make edits to specific areas which included: post copy, hast tags, offer pricing, location address and phone number, and they could update their storefront image.

Cicis Pizza

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