3 Promotional Meal Deals for 54 Locations

LiveRetail Results

The 54-location localized Facebook/Instagram campaign was extremely successful. Based on the hyper location and audience targeting parameters, each location averaged approximately 2,800 impressions per day. For the fifteen-day program the 6-image carousel was seen over 916K times and reached over 526K individuals. Our CPC rate was $0.12 which was 483% better than the Facebook industry average for quick service restaurants.

The Challenge

Historically Fishaways has always done regional advertising which does not spotlight any specific location.  Their challenge was finding a solution that would allow them to do localized marketing for all their locations without needing an army of graphic designs and project managers to manage campaign production and Facebook/Instagram setup process.

LiveRetail Solution

By leveraging LiveRetail Fishaways was able to easily import all their locations by using a simple Excel file. The drag and drop import process took less than 2 minutes.  They were missing several pieces of data including a storefront image which was easily addressed using the LiveRetail content crawler which is built into the process.  To start they wanted to build a single carousel ad which spotlighted 3 promotional meal deals plus showcased their online delivery partners and different pickup options (curbside, home delivery and pickup).  Each add was localized referencing the location information, callouts of the city and store name, an also included a storefront image of the location.


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