Five Guys

Five Guys Leverages LiveRetail to Support Product Awareness Campaign

LiveRetail Results

With a small budget of $1 per day per location they ran a 30-day campaign for each location spotlighting several products plus both delivery and curb side pickup services. Over the campaign we served up over 716K impressions.  Our CPC rate was $0.73 which was 321% better than the Facebook industry average for quick service restaurants. The overall campaign received twice the value (2X) for every dollar spent.

The Challenge

A franchise owner with 145 Five Guys locations struggles to provide localized content for each of their locations. They understand the importance and value that localized marketing can generate and are determined to find a way. They do not have the bandwidth internally nor do they have the dollar to heir an external agency in their budget. And unfortunately, there is no localized marketing support provided by corporate.

LiveRetail Solution

By leveraging the LiveRetail Creative Matrix this will allow the owner of the 145 locations to easily import the locations down the y-axis of the matrix and then add the products and promotions across the x-axis on top the matrix. Since all the locations are owned by the same entity and all marketing is handled centrally, they do not need to leverage the outbound marketing email that are normally sent to each location.  They can manage the organic post content and paid advertising content directly from the LiveRetail platform using a very simple consolidated checkout process which shows all the locations. This allows the user to directly post localized organic content as well as traffic paid advertising directly to the social media outlets.

Five Guys

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