Inscape University Achieves Unprecedented CPM and CPC Rates

LiveRetail Results

The campaign duration was 31 days and generated over 5.7M impressions with a record-breaking CPM cost of $0.71. The CPC was $0.07 which was 1,649% better than the Facebook education industry averages.  Needless to say, Inscape was very pleased with the results and is expanding its advertising strategy to support additional course, certificates and certification programs.

The Challenge

Inscape has 5 campuses across South Africa which draw from 23 different major markets. In addition, they were wanting to advertise 9 different degree plans using a four-image carousel ad.  This would require them to create monthly over 4,000 unique pieces of creative to support their campaign which they did not have the resources to support.

LiveRetail Solution

The solution was simple, by leveraging LiveRetail's creative matrix technology where the five campuses were down the y-axis and the degree plans across the x-axis, they were able to systematically generate unique localized ads for each campus and each degree plan.  Each campus specific ad was then hyper-targeted based on the dree plan and the markets that each campus historically draws their student population from in previous years.  Configuring LiveRetail took approximately 2 hours to generate and traffic all the creative directly to Facebook and Instagram saving Inscape hundreds of hours in production expense they otherwise would have incurred creating all the localized carousel ads.


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