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JD Sports use LiveRetail to Market Exclusive Products

LiveRetail Results

The 9 carousels reached over 100K individuals resulting in over 418K impressions. This resulted in a CPM rate of $4.19. There were two things that we found astonishing. The first was we had an engagement rate of 10.2% which is significantly higher than the Facebook industry average of 0.65%. The second thing was JD Sports provide sales data for the 5 products by location that participated in the test as well as the 3 control group locations.  For the locations that were supported by the hyper-target localized ads they experienced on average a 23% increase in sales compared to locations in the control group.

The Challenge

JD Sports has relationships with different manufacturers which produce exclusive products only available at JD Sport locations or online. Having exclusive product inventory from prominent manufactures give JD Sports a competitive advantage of their competition.  They only needed to figure out what was the most cost-effective way to hyper-target their audience for each product in each local market with localized messaging which resonates with their audience.

LiveRetail Solution

JD Sports leveraged LiveRetail to create custom Facebook carousels which were completely localized and hyper-targeted to each product. To initially test out the process JD sports advertised 5 exclusive products across 9 locations in different markets. They also setup a control group of 3 locations which also carried the exclusive items that did not have advertising support.  The goal was to see how effective localized advertising was in bring awareness to the exclusive product offering only available at JD Sports.

One localized carousel was created for 9 locations which featured the 5 exclusive products.  Localization included a storefront image of the location, plus location address and a callout to the actual city/market that was being targeted.

JD Sports

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