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Need to Support Localize Marketing for Dealerships

LiveRetail Results

The campaign ran for a two-week duration with a budget of $125 per ad set.  The ads reached over 1.2M individuals and resulted in over 1.6M impressions. The CPM cost was $2.45 which was 325% better then the Facebook benchmark. The CPC rate was $0.24 which was 833% better than the Facebook benchmarks.

The Challenge

KIA Motors would like to provide localized social media ads featuring their monthly promotion pricing for the more than 75 dealerships across South Africa. They would like to create a carousel ad for each model vehicle that shows the promotion pricing as well as highlight the features of the model and the local dealership. For any given monthly they could have several dozen promotional offers.

LiveRetail Solution

Using the LiveRetail creative matrix they imported their dealerships down the y-axis and added their promotional offers across the x-axis.  At each intersection LiveRetail  build a custom localized 5 image carousel spotlighting the location, model and special promotional offer.  Each carousel included multiple images of the vehicle, references to the dealership throughout, details on the promotional offer and the last slide showed an actual image of the dealership location and the address information.

Each ad was hyper-targeted based on the location and the audience interests specific to the model vehicle.  The local dealerships were allowed to make minor edits to the carousel such as modification of the offer, updates to the dealership information or swapping out the dealership photo.

KIA Motors

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