TakeFive Hard Seltzer

Creating a Cobranded Campaign with Strategic Partner

LiveRetail Results

The campaign duration was 14 days and generated over 208K impressions with only spending $1 per day per market using the Facebook low bid strategy. The CPC was $1.26 which was 97.7% better than the Facebook industry benchmarks. Also the effective spend was twice of what they normally would spend.

The Challenge

TakeFive Hard Seltzer wanted to advertise their hard seltzer line in 30 markets with one of their strategic partners TapRm. The challenge was they wanted to create localized ads specific to each market with multiple references to the market using a 6-image carousel which also included a customized video. This would have required 180 unique assets not including the video production which was not feasible both from a timeline and cost standpoint.

LiveRetail Solution

One of the many unique features of LiveRetail is the ability to localize video and include the video output in a localized carousel ad.  Using the LiveRetail creative matrix TakeFive was able to build all their localized video carousel ads for each of the 30 markets in less than two hours. These ads were trafficked directly from LiveRetail to Facebook through the LiveRetail Facebook API integration directly to the TakeFive ad manager account.

TakeFive Hard Seltzer

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