Unilever Creates Off-the-Chart Awareness and Excitement

LiveRetail Results

The 3-week campaign generated over 1.8M impressions with a CPM cost of $1.40. The CPC was $0.17 which was 1031% better than the Facebook industry averages.  In addition, after 3 days the third-party registration website crashed because the volume of entries was greater than its capacity. They had to quick scramble to quadruple their capacity on the website to avoid additional issues.

By just adding localized content and local market location targeting Unilever achieved 3 key things.

1) Their cost per click was 11.2 X better than their national ad spend.

2) As consumers saw their local towns in the ads the interaction rate was 3.2X higher than their national ad spend.

3) Unilever significantly surpassed the anticipated number of entries and sales objectives for the campaign.

The Challenge

The Unilever Team and their agency partners a PHD were trying to figure out how to boost Axe men's deodorant. The agency PHD came up with the idea of doing a giving-a-way for the new PS5 Sony Gaming Consoles where the purchase of an AXE product was one registration for the PS5give-a-way.  Boosting registrations had a1:1 correlation with boosting sales.

LiveRetail Solution

When buying a target audience like Male 18-35, interested in gaming at a national level not only is it very competitive but it's also expensive.  By leveraging LiveRetail to localize the content around 120 retail locations which was then hyper-target to both the location and the audience Unilever would be able to stretch their marketing dollars to maximize their targeted registrations.  To appeal to their audience, they decided to leverage a video carousel which was comprised of a short 10 second video customized to each location, a carousel slide on the focused on the sweepstakes and then a 3rd carousel slide focused on the location.  The call to action was for each Axe product purchased equaled on entry to the sweepstakes. All entries to the sweepstakes would be captured on a third-party website not provided by LiveRetail.


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